If you have a late stage research project or a newly launched company, and you are in need of our technology transfer services, here is a breakdown of the process, timing and costs that are typical of a project at Accelerated Ventures.

  1. First Contact – you have reached out to us, or you have been introduced to us by a trusted colleague. We are not hard to find and are open to speak to inventors, entrepreneurs and investors from around North America.
  2. First meeting Рwe would like to meet with you, via videoconference if an in-person meeting is impractical, and listen to your story. Beforehand, we like to review any non-confidential documentation you can provide, which will make the time more productive.
  3. If it seems that we can help you, we exchange nondisclosure and noncompete agreements to protect your intellectual property.
  4. We hold a strategy session to determine where you are now, where you’d like to go, and what steps and resources are necessary to get there. Sometimes this process requires more than one session, but it’s always time well spent. Most of our clients find that this process teaches them about options they didn’t know to exist.
  5. We provide you with a short proposal outlining steps, costs and a timeline to get you to a meaningful milestone. For many projects, raising capital is an important part of the overall work, and a detailed procedure for this part is included.

It should be noted that, if your project originated inside an academic lab (or if you are affiliated with an educational institution), we would have an open conversation with your office of research, technology transfer, or venture development group. There are usually intellectual property policies in place that should be incorporated, not circumvented.