First Commercialization

If you are looking for a path to take your late-stage research and development project through commercialization, we can show you the path or take you through it.

Seed and Venture Financing

If your project is ready to launch, or ready to grow, and you need to campaign for investment capital from multiple sources, we can plot the course or take the helm.

Innovation Strategy

If you are wondering how your firm can harness innovation energy and resources from the startup ecosystem, or you wish to manage a portfolio of strategic early stage investments, we can advise you or lead the initiative.


Hands on, or hands off?

We can provide you with deep expertise, strategic counsel and connectivity, so that you can act when you are ready; or we can take whatever role in executing that planĀ  together. You decide how much engagement is right - our level of commitment will be the same.

The Benefit of Deep Networks

We don't brag, we simply go back to the places where we've built trust and a reputation for excellence and integrity. Talk to any of our current or former partners from Montreal to Hong Kong. Let us show you the different networks where we are engaged to bring you diversity and a wealth of resources.


Next Steps...

We may be a boutique firm, but our capabilities may surprise you. When you're ready to talk about your challenges, please reach out.