The following is a summary version of the seed-stage technology projects currently under review at Accelerated Ventures.

  • Amnesty Media is a service that allows an individual with music, movies and other downloaded content to negotiate legal licenses for their library, based on the bulk buying abilities of the portal. We believe that there is an international demand for such a service that has never been created before.
  • ColdSnap is an aftermarket product  that injects freezing air from outside the home into the appliances when conditions are favorable, saving the customer’s energy bill (in mixed climate locations) and extending the life of expensive appliances, while increasing food safety.
  • Diag-X is software that teaches the diagnostic method – whether medical, legal, business cases, automotive or any kind of technology. It’s a program that was developed over years in academia and is looking for a bridge into the marketplace. Once a diagnostic case is built and validated, the content becomes the property of the company for re-use in other institutions.
  • Hive Decisions is software designed to allow conditional voting – a novel approach to electronically supported decision making, where members of the voting group can choose based on their beliefs and alliances, instead of selecting one of the presented options (ie. instead of voting for Obama, the option is given to “agree with the women’s vote” or “vote with the members of my union.”)
  • Raised Digital is a platform for parental control software (limiting time, use and content) for digital devices where policies are enforced across all the kids’ devices (PC, Xbox, mobile, Facebook etc.) This opportunity is a hidden gem because it wedges itself in between content services and parents on a pay model.
  • Telesentry is a niche service company that offers a novel approach to personal security and supervision of semi-independent clients (school-age children, the elderly, people with mild cognitive impairment, and remote employees).