The following is a short summary of life sciences projects currently under review at Accelerated Ventures.

  • A Canadian company with an EU and US approved, certified transdermal injector. Ready to manufacture and distribute, the injector causes no pain, no bleeding, and no bruise. A quick dose up to 5ml of any therapy, in a disposable or reusable format using consumable injector cartridges.
  • A preclinical therapy for Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s proved in the animal model, and with strong potential for other neurodevelopmental and cancer indications. Evidence for this mechanism of action is overwhelming, and the target molecule was co-developed by the same researcher.
  • A preclinical therapy for complementing existing cancer treatments to eliminate resistance and prevent toxicity, tested in animals (and on human tumors in vitro, and on animals with human tumors grafted on). The natural compound extract works for multiple categories of toxic cancer therapies on the market.
  • A potential ALS therapy with great success in animal testing. Demonstrates huge leaps
    in life extension and quality of life compared to the current therapy. Orphan drug financing and
    approval schedules apply here.
  • An extremely sensitive lab test for detecting a variety of pathogens in less time, and using far less blood, than current systems on the market. (Unlike Theranos, we have proof that this works.)
  • A noninvasive intracranial pressure measurement device to be used for concussion detection and recovery rates. The device has been clinically tested to be equivalent to surgically inserted cranial shunts.
  • A nanoparticle that carries siRNA to its target, delivers a genetic payload, and biodegrades safely. The patent-pending product has been animal tested and is ideal for use in 17 different oncology targets, and will shortly be ready for first in man trials.